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Healthy weight loss and management
This a place for people who are looking to gain help and support in their bid to lose or maintain weight the healthy way, or even just to eat healthily. This is not the place for pro-ed posts, there are other comms out there for that.

Almost all of the sites I have found so far, although being helpful, seem to be primarily focussed on the US. I thought it would be nice to have somewhere designed mostly for those of us in the UK (that's not to say that if you're in the US or anywhere else, you're not welcome because you definitely are - the more the merrier after all).

This is a place for fitness tips, meal-recipes, support, advice, laughter and hopefully friendship. You're welcome no matter your age, sex or colour, all I ask is that you show respect to the other members.

I know that conflicts will probably occur at some point but I'm hoping that they can be sorted out amicably and with the minimum of fuss.