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Start weight: 201.6 (did originally have this listed at 205 but I worked it out wrong)
Current weight: 200
Weight loss this week:+2
Weght loss to date: 1.6
Short term goal weight: 190 by Christmas
Long term goal weight: 154

So not so good this week.  To be honest I kinda expected it.  It's been a rough few weeks with my cousins funeral and everything and I haven't really been watching what I ate the last week or so and, for one reason or another, exercise has been pretty much non-existent this last week.

Bought myself a Yogalates for Beginners dvd today with the intention of doing it 3 times a week and I seem to be completely incapable of following even the easiest routine.  I knew my co-ordination was bad but I didn't think it was quite that bad.  I did however manage 10,000 steps on Saturday which is pretty much the only day I left the house so it wasn't all bad.


Have decided to change my weigh-in day from Wednesday to Monday (just makes more sense to me to have it at the beginning of the week rather than halfway through) and have been setting myself small, achievable goals every day which I have actually been managing to stick to.

I'm actually feeling quite positive 'cos this is the longest I've been able to stick to a weight-loss plan in years.

Age: 37
Height: 5' 6"
Start weight: 201.6 (did originally have this listed at 205 but I worked it out wrong)
Current weight: 198
Weight loss this week: 2
Weght loss to date: 3.6
Short term goal weight: 190 by Christmas
Long term goal weight: 154

I'm a little disappointed in that it's taken me 3 weeks to only lose 3.6lb but I know that the optimum rate of weight loss is 1-2lb per week and I'm spot on that.  Also, got asked today if I was losing weight.  Ok, it was by somebody that knows I'm on a diet but I haven't seen them in about a month and it was still nice to hear.

On the exercise front, the parents have agreed to buy me a treadmill as a Christmas present so I'll be able to get some exercise without having to get cold and weight which is excellent news.

Had a bit of a blip foodwise when I had burger and chips for lunch but it was the first time in ages and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I'm not gonna stress over it, I'm just going to accept it for what it was.
Goals for today have been to eat breakfast (ok, so it was only a yoghurt and a banana, but still) and to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and/or veg, both of which have been successfully completed.

I've also ordered a new pedometer 'cos my old one is useless and I'm trying to figure out if I can afford a treadmill.  Argos do a nice little fold-up, mechanical one for £81 including delivery but when you're on benefits, £81 is a hell of a lot of money (there's no point me even looking at the motorised ones).  I like walking, it's the one exercise I actually enjoy, but at the moment it's just too cold, wet and miserable to even want to get out of bed.  I figure with a treadmill I can walk while watching tv in the evening and know for sure that I'm getting my 10,000 steps per day (and hopefully even more).

No exercise goal for tomorrow (it's my day for cleaning the fish tanks and I'm going to be spending a good few hours, lugging extremely heavy buckets of water around which is enough exercise in itself so it's gonna have to be something food related.

Thoughts or suggestions, anyone?

Also we have a grand total of 4 members but so far I'm the only ones thats posted anything.  We need more member and more posts, please, please, please pimp us out to everybody you think might be interested and feel free to chip in with your own posts.

Have decided to set myself small, achievable targets every day in an effort to keep myself motivated.

Todays target was to do 500 step-ups using my Wii-Fit board (for which I still have no disc), which has just been achieved.  My cousin's funeral is tomorrow so I'll be giving tomorrow a miss but I need to think of something for Saturday, any suggestions?

*waves from the mod*

So, the first post in the new comm.

Let's see, a little about myself first, I think.

I'm 37, 5' 6" and weigh 200lbs.  I've realised been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels which, combined with some things that have been going on in RL, have spurred me on to lose the extra weight I've been carrying pretty much all my life. 

One of the biggest hurdles I have in my fight to lose weight is my parents and in particular my father,  While my mother does actually try and buy healthy foods, my father just refuses to believe that I need and want to lose weight.  Today for instance, I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch and all I got from him is "I'm sick of seeing you eat soup, it's all you ever eat."  For the record, it's not all I ever eat, it's just that I like it for lunch because it tends to be very filling and is usually more than enough to keep me going until dinner which he just doesn't seem to understand.

The other problem is that as a full-time carer for my parents who are both elderly and disabled, I don't have a lot of time or energy left over for exercise (much less the funds necessary to join a gym).  I do like to walk and do that as much as possible but that's about all I have time for.

Anyway, that's all from me.  I look forward to hearing from other people and getting to know everyone (providing somebody else actually joins).



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